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There's a lot to say about art and people do say a lot. For me I paint because I can and because it feels right, feels natural. I'm not surprised that my inspirations are drawn from nature and a love for colour and pattern. I live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and as a child I spent several years growing up and enjoying the outdoors in mountainous Alpine region of north-east regional Victoria. I dream and draw and imagine and paint. This started when I was 4 or 5 years old and never left me... it continues today to bring me joy and calm and a sense of reason in what is at times an unreasonable world.

I like to observer and often am surprised by unexpected details in nature - bird-life, animals, plants, trees, sky and waterways. Seeing individual shapes and patterns an be fascinating and easily missed. The enjoyment in combining real flora and fauna with decorative elements and even domestic items is fun and engages my imagination.

In my early 20s (as I trained and then worked in graphic design), I gradually discovered an appreciation for pattern design and in particular motifs found in traditional arts, textiles, ceramics and architecture from around the world.

Inspiration is everywhere. I just have to remember to look. So now, when I find the time, I think about the next painting and the next painting after that and so on... and when the right mood strikes and the vision is strong, I sit down in front of my easel and I am happy.


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